With the start of GRTHM a few days away there will be lots of ways to take part, create or celebrate. If you need resources and ideas for your community, workplace or school, to help your child’s school get involved, or want to find out more about Gypsy, Roma, Traveller, Showman and Boater history and culture, here are some great starting points!

The GEMS team (Gwent Education Minority Ethnic Service) are holding an event for schools in Newport on 23rd June. Places can be booked for your children’s school via esther.lewis@newport.gov.uk.

There will be a live show of Crystal’s Vardo, and we will be there with Travelling Ahead too!

Friends Families and Travellers have this amazing resource created especially for GRTHM23, with interviews, and downloadable maps with sticker templates to create your own map of where your family has travelled and what areas are special to them. The theme this year is Weaving Journeys;

The Traveller Movement have a page with downloadable resources here;


The EMTAS (Ethnic Minority & Traveller Achievement Service)  have resources here;


Author and storyteller Richard O’Neill has written several children’s books about young Gypsies and Travellers;


Article 12 in Scotland have lots of resources here;


If you post on social media about your event use the hashtag #weavingjourneys and of course in Welsh #teithiaugwehyddu

We will add more as they come in!