Last week, the Government’s Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill received Royal Assent and as such, is now law. Part 4 of the Act contains draconian elements that criminalise nomadic ways of life. The century’s old tradition of travelling throughout Wales for ethnic Gypsies and Travellers, as well as newer nomadic lifestyles could now be under threat.

We will be working with our partners across Wales to support our travelling communities who find themselves affected by the new Act, and we will continue to liaise with the Welsh Government to encourage them to put measures in place to improve life for Gypsies and Travellers, and increase site provision. We are currently gathering evidence for an enquiry the Senedd are holding that looks at why site provision is so difficult to respond to. Please follow the link below for more information or contact us if you would like to take part.

A full statement will follow shortly.