Jimmy Carr’s ‘joke’ about the Roma and Sinti genocide is unacceptable in today’s inclusive society. No other community would be talked about in this way. His comments are disrespectful to the thousands of people killed during the Second World War, and their families and descendants who still live with that pain. The comments are also damaging to the Roma community who today still live on the margins of many societies in Europe and who are as we speak being discriminated against and treated very poorly as they try to flee the conflict in Ukraine.

Jimmy Carr is bringing his show to St. David’s Hall in Cardiff on the 28th March. Together with our friends from other organisations standing against anti-Gypsyism and racism, we have written to the Hall to ask that they consider cancelling his performance.

One of our clients contacted us last month to explain very passionately the impact his ‘joke’ about the Roma Sinti genocide has had on the local Gypsy and Traveller community; her community.

Click on the button below to download our letter to Netflix including her comments, asking them to pull the show and offer an apology.